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Our Mission

When it's your birthday, people just send a small and simple message via Social Media. But it isn´t magical and special at all right?
A gift means much more if it is personal. Hartensteler therefore believes that there is nothing better than a handwritten greeting card. This way you demonstrate that you invest time and effort and want to share it with the person who receives it.

Daarom hebben wij Hartenstelerkaarten gecreëerd. Wij willen mensen samenbrengen en verbinden op manier dan nooit tevoren.
Our Hartensteler cards are no ordinary cards, these cards are based on a form of Japanese art, "Kirigami": which literally means Cutting Paper.

Door handgemaakte papieren beelden te creëren geeft het een persoonlijk en emotionele band die nooit meer te vergeten is. Onze kaarten zijn ideaal voor speciale gelegenheden om uw geliefde of iemand die je graag ziet te kunnen verrassen.

Doing the unexpected is what it's all about!


The production of our Hartensteler cards requires several steps, here we have simply listed them for you:



All our cards are designed by computer.

Step 1
Step 2


The parts are cut with a precise laser.



The parts are then assembled by hand.

Step 3
Step 4


We will deliver your card to you as soon as possible by post.

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